Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Time flies whether you're having fun, or not.

It's April already.How did that happen?

When I started this Blog I thought I could easily post something witty and inciteful at least once a week. I've just noticed the date of my last post, 9th February, that's like, over a month ago. What have I been doing?

Well, infairness, not a lot. I'm a 'resting' actor, the thought that an actor could do anything less energetic than actually acting is saying something. Why do they call it 'resting'? I've never been so stressed out in years. The fear has started creeping in, 'will I work again?', 'what if every casting director has forgotten about me?', 'where's my dressing rooom?', 'Did I piss someone off?' and worst of all, 'How long until I have to take up a bar job and and go through all the questions of: 'Well, if you're an actor, what are you doing behind a bar?' I'm sure it'll all come out in the wash. That reminds me, need to do laundry.

Recently, and after a short illness, my partners father died. We knew it was inevitable. He was 90 years old, and hadn't been in great health for a few years, but still, when the end came it came as a shock, and before you know it three weeks in Wales, one Church service, home made buffet, one cremation, endless visitors and well wishers later, we managed to get back home.

We've hardly had time to open the post and now it's a return journey to Wales, and all the sifting, clearing, keeping, throwing, cleaning begins. Added to that a trip to my ancestral home in Preston to see my father  who's not been in the greatest health this year, and hopefully by May we might be able to sit with our feet up and get on with our lives.

'Resting Actor?' My Arse.


  1. Just check the weather its been snowing here in Wales all day! Fingers crossed something will come along soon x

  2. At last! I have missed your such thing as a 'rest' have so much talent hiding behind that beard!! x